The video, which was shared with Turkey’s operation in northern Syria, allegedly shows 400 thousand people emigrating, is not true.

“Turkey’s attacks are forcing 400 thousand people, more than 150 thousand children, to flee in northern Syria,” a video was shared on the Facebook account of the ZDF channel, which broadcasts in Germany. The video, shared on 23 December 2019, has been liked by 935 people and received 675 comments, features interviews with children who are allegedly in difficulty due to Turkey’s operation.

TRT World correspondent Yunus Paksoy, when Bild newspaper asked the source of these images ZDF editors removed the video from their pages, he said and referred  Julian Röpcke’s sharing.

Röpcke also have quoted Bild reporter Mo Rabie’s sharing about the wrong video. Röpcke posted images of the children in the video released by ZDF, revealing that they had been taken from Unicef’s website. Röpcke stated that UNICEF’s video was used for fake news, adding that civilians had left their homes because of an attack by Russia, not Turkey.


Mo Rabie reacted to the ZDF channel by sharing visuals and text of his interview with children living in the camp in Idlib.

Our research shows that the information revealed by Bild reporters is correct. The video, by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), says the children are Syrians displaced by Russia and regime attacks in Idlib. It is understood that the children who ZDF used the footage were children speaking in this video.


The ZDF channel appears to have removed its share on Facebook over the question and incoming reactions from Bild reporters.

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According to the results of our fact check, it is understood that the civilians in the video, which ZDF allegedly used to have 400 thousand civilians left their homes because of Turkey’s operation, were civilians fleeing attacks by Russia and the Assad regime in Idlib.



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